Outdoor Digital Advertising

Why Digital?

Digital Outdoor allows advertisers to achieve high-impact, high resolution outdoor     communication on a digital platform. It allows advertisers the following benefits:

  • Tactical messaging
  • Day-part message management
  • Real-time update

• Inexpensive creative changes and production costs

Tactical messages throughout the day:

  • Digital OOH has the means to adjust campaigns with tactical messages
  • Messages can be adapted throughout the day for time based relevance
  • A range of brands or sub-brands can be rotated within an advertisers slot to create greater relevance e.g.
    • Breakfast in the morning
    • Take away at Lunch
    • Evening accessories at night

Low production costs

• The production print costs falls away as the artwork is uploaded from a central base

• The only cost that remains is the artistic conception fees

• The screens are the latest LED technology screens

• A pixel pitch of 720mm and 6000 cd/m2 which will deliver a high quality, high resolution image to passing motorists and pedestrians.

Site specs

Traffic Count (6 am to 6 pm daily) ± 870,000 Vehicles / Month
Operating Hours 20 Hours
Audience Profile LSM 5-10
Age Group Diverse 16 to 64
Gender Basis Male 55% / Female 45%
Visibility and run-up Excellent Visibility ± 750m
Loop Length 150 Seconds / 2.5 minutes
Number of advertising slots in a loop 25 Slots of 6 Seconds each
Number of ad flights per Day (Per Slot) 480
Number of Ad flights per Month (1 Slot / Screen) 14880



Size of Screen: 78 m²

Packages can be bought for the following periods:


Short Term: Long term:
Tactical Campaigns Brand building
Product Launches Product/service awareness
Product specials Location targeting & dominance


Real Time verification:

real time verification

24 Hour camera verification

  • Real time viewing available on-line
  • Historic confirmation
  • Clients have the option to view historic data


Helping other to help:


  • ALMICRON MMC is committed to assist Non-profit organisations and NGO’s to advertise for free.
  • Organisations include:
    • Cancer awareness
    • HIV
    • Woman Abuse
    • Handicap Children
    • Animal rescue

(Eg. Cansa, Cotland’s & Ark Animal Centre, which is part of Woolworths My Planet Programme)

 Please note: That all Non-Profit organisations had been vetted extensively.


Platinum Package AM Package
All day loop (20 hours) 5am-12pm (7 hours)
1 Ad every 2 minutes 1 Ad every 2 minutes
30 Ads every hour 30 Ads every hour
720 Ads per day 210 Ads every day
5,040 Ads per week 1,470 Ads every week
21,420 Ads per month 6,247 Ads every month


Afternoon Package PM Package
12pm-5pm (5 Hours) 5pm-12am (7 hours)
30 Ads every hour 1 Ad every 2 minutes
150 Ads every day 30 Ads every hour
1,050 Ads every week 210 Ads every day
4,462 Ads every month 1,470 Ads every week
6,247 Ads every month


Design Spec sheet:

  • Display technologies:
    • 576 pixels tall x 1248 pixels wide
    • For best reproduction of content, content must be created in the same resolution as the display technology.
  • Preferred file formats:

Still Images:

–      File Format: Jpeg

–      Resolution: 72 dpi

–      Color Format: RGB

–      Quality: 80 (Very High)

–      Optimized: Yes

Images with motion:

–      File Format:  AVI, SWF or MOV

–      File Compression for AVI: XVID

–      File Compression for MOV: H.264

–      Video Frame Rate: 30fps

–      Video Color Depth: 16bit, but 24 bits contents are better in our software.

–      Bit Rate: + 9000

–      Square Pixels

It should be noted that there is limited slots available. Immediate bookings are essential.

Contact us urgently for a Booking Form.