Mobile Caddy


Mobile Caddy is the first of it’s kind technology in South Africa to hit the Golfing market.

What is Mobile Caddy? Simply put, we have converted the highly acclaimed Yardage Guide into a digital version that can be viewed on almost any Smartphone with a freely available QR-Code reader and a Web Browser.  Accessing and viewing Mobile Caddy is as easy as:



This simple to use golf tool automatically calculates your golf yardage via GPS and provides club recommendations based on the history of your shots.

If you are serious about golfing, then you need Mobile Caddy.


Why advertise on Mobile Caddy?

  1. Total one-one-one engagement with your target audience in the personal space of their Mobile Device.
  2. In keeping with the latest technology, usage is guaranteed.
  3. Because of the nature of the technology, it is a choice and by no means is it push marketing.  This is pull marketing at its best with golf enthusiasts using this technology directly.  Golf, as one of their most passionate lifestyle choices means golf technology, and thus marketing.
  4. Advert tools make contacting the advertiser effortless.  Simply click to Call, Email or visit a Website.

Some of our clients include:

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