Google Adwords

Google Adwords



Google AdWords is the easiest way of getting your website at the very top of Google’s result page. Let us assist you!


How does it work?


We will run campaigns for you on your target market and also promote your new products on your behalf. By assisting you with going through the process of optimization and keyword analysis and build a strategic campaign to target clients who can not only afford your services, but also drive traffic to your site. We place you in the top 3 SERPS (SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGE), this will grant you branding and unlimited exposure to your market whenever they are searching for you. We will do the research that will enable us to choose the most popular relevant keywords on your behalf.

How does it work?

We will build various campaigns directed at brands or a particular service. For example we will have one for each of your services/brands/areas. We will create an analytical code for you to ascertain how much traffic is being driven to your site. Our Campaign Director goes through the process to ensure your clicks/AdWords are not only validated but to the right market giving you a better R.O.I or R.O.A

Given our experience in the industry with success over various brands working on those averages they are seeing on one campaign over 3865 visits weekly. These end users are sitting on the site and finding what they need cause the bounce rate is 0.18 % which means a person is finding relevance to what they searching for.

For example, a customer is searching for any subject. Studies show that more people click the no 1- 3 positions relevant to the above rather than any lower. We will place you in front of this market and create a call to action. This will lead them to your site where they will view your site.

ALMICRON will be constantly keeping you in the loop weekly.

Your Company will receive the following:

  • Creation and updating of a Google+ page
  • Creation and updating of a Facebook page (where applicable)
  • Placing all your branches on Google+ & Google places
  • Running special offers whenever you require
  • Be exposed to all devices and responsive to all
  • Target your audience in the areas of your choice
  • Rank you in the sponsored results on Google top 3

Some of our satisfied clients include:

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